Elite Heavyweight Championship History


Stan SweetanN/AHouma, LA11/20/2011
John Saxon*Scott PhoenixHouma, LA7/15/2012
Steve Anthony**Scott PhoenixHouma, LA4/21/2013
Purple HazeSteve AnthonyDulac, LA7/13/2013
Steve Anthony (2)Purple HazeHouma, LA7/14/2013
Scott PhoenixSteve AnthonyHouma, LA12/1/2013
Andy Dalton***N/AHouma, LA2/16/2014
John Saxon (2)Andy DaltonMorgan City, LA3/22/2014
Stan Sweetan (2)****John SaxonHouma, LA6/8/2014
John Saxon (3)Stan SweetanHouma, LA7/20/2014
Vordell WalkerJohn SaxonHouma, LA10/6/2014
Steve Anthony (3)Vordell WalkerHouma, LA10/11/2015
CarsonSteve AnthonyHouma, LA2/21/2016
Xtian BlakeCarsonHouma, LA9/11/2016
Rodney MackXtian BlakeHouma, LA1/15/2017
OdinsonRodney MackHouma, LA9/3/2017
Xtian Blake (2)OdinsonDulac, LA11/11/2017
Stan Sweetan (3) *****N/AHouma, LA5/13/2018
Xtian Blake (3)Stan SweetanHouma, LA7/8/2018

*Stan Sweetan vacated the Louisiana Heavyweight Championship on 7/15/2012 due to injury. A tournament was held that day to decide the new Louisiana Heavyweight Champion.

**John Saxon vacated the Louisiana Heavyweight Championship on 3/24/2013. A match between Steve Anthony & Scott Phoenix was made on 4/21/2013 to decide the new Elite Heavyweight Champion.

***Scott Phoenix vacated the Elite Heavyweight Championship on 2/16/2014 due to injury. Matt Riviera announced a Championship Scramble Match between Steve Anthony, Tim Storm, Americos, Andy Dalton, & Purple Haze for later in the evening to determine a new champion.

****On 5/18/2014 General Manager Sean Saxon stripped John Saxon of the Elite Heavyweight Championship due to performing actions unbecoming of champion. Stan Sweetan defeated John Saxon & Andy Dalton in a triple threat match on June 8th for the vacant championship.

*****On 4/8/2018 General Manager Stan Sweetan stripped Xtian Blake of the Elite Heavyweight Championship due to him not being able to successfully defeat Anthony in a 30 minute iron man match. Sweetan awarded himself the championship on 5/13/2017